Web Solutions
Change your digital and mobile strategy.
Be interactive! Be user friendly!
Weblife d.o.o. is a leading developer of inovative software solutions.
We offer custom mobile and web solutions giving our clients a completely
new approach to communication with their customers.
We dare to be innovative and different, do you?
Provide your guests
with a simple access
to your services.
appRESORTS platform is a mobile, dynamic and
interactive service platform built for the hospitality
industry. It offers a completely new mobile experience
for hotel guests on one side and hotels on the other.
appRESORTS establishes a new communication channel
and brings them closer than ever. appRESORTS is a custom
designed software solution, accommodating every
customer’s particular preferences and requirements.
Enrich your
VIRTOOL is a platform for quick and efficient transfer of printed publications to the web.
It preserves the original image of printed publications, while offering numerouos other
multimedia functionalities. It enriches them with interactivity and user-friendliness.
With VIRTOOL, publications gain unlimited possibilities offered by the internet
technology. VIRTOOL digital publications are focused on user experience and
interactivity of the content.
Introduce your business to
the world. Be different.
WebLife provides you with a professional appearance on the web.
The first impression of a website is very important. Every visitor
should immediately be impressed with your online presentation.
WebLife experts help you to achieve a recognisable identity of your
company. We are specialised in:
  • Interactive websites,
  • Online shops;
  • Web animations;
  • iOS apps;
  • Android apps;
  • Ilustrations;
  • Music production and other custom
    made web solutions upon request.

WebLife d.o.o.

Letališka 5, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia (EU)
WWW: appresorts.com

E-mail: info[email protected]

Tel: +386 40 72 65 22

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Adding a new item to existing menu
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Adding persons to service e-mail and phone list and poll list
Deleting an item
Changing price of an item
Changing working hours under description
Adding a new external partner
Changing restaurant picture
Sending text or e-mail
Analyzing statistical data - number of clicks
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